Sunday, June 29, 2008

All Abroad Publication

Here is my study abroad publication I created for an independent course at Texas State University. I had to break it down into sections and post on a separate webpage because the pdf was too large. I created and designed the publication, which includes my own written features and photographs, plus edited submitted student content and photos.
Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Link: All Abroad


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ireland slideshow

I put together a slideshow with music from my trip to Ireland. It doesn't have all my pictures but a lot of my favorite ones with my parents and while I studied abroad. Click the link to the right, Ireland 2007, to see the slideshow.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ireland pics

Here are pics selected for Collegiate Eyes of Texas Competition a Rockport, Gallery.

Coffin Ship Sculpture Gugane Barra Forest Ardmore Cliff Walk

More pics from studying abroad in Ireland.
St. Kevins, Glendalough

Cork City through the window of St. Anne's Bell Tower

Cong, Ireland

Dingle Peninsula

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ireland Photos-first entry

View off cliffs at Dun Aengus on island of Inishmore in Aran Islands.

Here are some pictures from my trip to Ireland so far. There is usually a long wait for computers and time to download all the ones I wanted to, so will try to add more next week.

Mom, dad, Aunt Diane and Uncle Jim at Burlington hotel. Our Hotel in Dublin- Jury's Burlington

Grafton Street - Dublin

Streets of Dublin Powerscourt Waterfall

With mom and dad at Powerscourt Waterfall.

Our B&B in Mooncoin, outside Waterford.

Showing the bar staff at the Rose of Mooncoin how to make "real" lemonade, not the fizzy stuff. When I ordered a lemonade, they asked me red or white? It was actually TKS lemonade-soda.

Our B&B in Killbritain (near Kinsale), owned by the McCarthy family whose ancestors supposedly lost Killbritain Castle in a game of cards.

St. Kevin's Kitchen-monastic ruins-Glendalough

University College Cork (UCC) campus-quad. This is where I am attending classes with Texas Statue University. There are about 14 of us.

St. Finn Barres Cathedral and Holy Rosary in Cork.

Irish Coast Guard

Below are pictures to the Aran Islands and on the island of Inishmore. The picture of boat with the fishermen is called a curagh, a tiny traditional boat used by islanders for centuries. The giant cliffs are a view of the Cliffs of Moher from the ferry.

City of Cork

Taken in the City Gaol - Cork. I thought the staff said mists or ghosts appear occasionally.??? This was not taken with a flash nor was there any glass or glare reflecting from window. ??????

Here is another one from a winding stairwell in the jail. The light blob on the upper window is smaller, part of it also sits is on the window pane, then the blob/light stops, is not directional. I did check the position on the lens and although they seem similar, they are different sized and a slight difference in position, so definitely no spots on the lens here.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Entry #1

Ireland is fantastic. The first week I spent 2 days in Dublin, a day outside Waterford in a B&B in Mooncoin, and then a day in Killbritain. Taught the waitresses and bar staff at a restaurant in Mooncoin how to make uncarbonated "real" lemonade with lemons, water, and sugar. We served it to the bar patrons and they loved it, then went to Killbritain, near Kinsale, and stayed at a B&B overlooking the bay/ocean. The trip to Kinsale was not uneventful as we took a sharp turn on a back road (all very narrow) and took out the tire. My dad and uncle thankfully knew how to change a flat quickly and we were on our way. Kinsale is a quaint, charming village on the water. Most of the shops were closed but the main shopping road is reminiscent of something in Harry Potter - jagged little walkways/roads. Going back tonight with school group to see author, Edna O'Brien. We are reading of her books for class. When I post Saturday I will have pictures and more blog information to add. The second week I had 2 classes so far that were very energetic and lively in discussion. We went to the Aran Islands today and lucked out with terrific weather. We all rode bikes, and as much as it was an interesting and unique experience to seethe island of Inishmore on bikes, next time I think I would try the jaunty as my buttocks did not favor the bike seats that well. Cork is much nicer than Dublin, less busy. We walk a lot - good distance, classes and back and to the city centre and back everyday. There is a bus, but it is difficult to find one not already full. I have enjoyed the various options for taking pictures. Felt a bit guilty when the rest of classmates were writing through inspiration of Dun Aengus, the site high atop a mountain in Inishmore that is very similar to the Cliffs of Moher. I have a difficult time writing in such a way when there were tons of people around; although, I did have some quiet time on the ferry coming back and was fairly happy with what I became inspired to write.
Slept very sound and long into the morning for the first time since being here and it was nice. Looking forward to Kinsale again this evening. That's it for now. Will post more on Saturday.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Study-Abroad in Ireland 2007

This will be where I post all my pictures and journals from Ireland while studying abroad in Cork, July through mid-August, with Texas State University. Come back then and often to check out my daily or weekly journals and pictures while there. I will also try and post the books we are reading and authors we are studying.