Friday, July 13, 2007

Entry #1

Ireland is fantastic. The first week I spent 2 days in Dublin, a day outside Waterford in a B&B in Mooncoin, and then a day in Killbritain. Taught the waitresses and bar staff at a restaurant in Mooncoin how to make uncarbonated "real" lemonade with lemons, water, and sugar. We served it to the bar patrons and they loved it, then went to Killbritain, near Kinsale, and stayed at a B&B overlooking the bay/ocean. The trip to Kinsale was not uneventful as we took a sharp turn on a back road (all very narrow) and took out the tire. My dad and uncle thankfully knew how to change a flat quickly and we were on our way. Kinsale is a quaint, charming village on the water. Most of the shops were closed but the main shopping road is reminiscent of something in Harry Potter - jagged little walkways/roads. Going back tonight with school group to see author, Edna O'Brien. We are reading of her books for class. When I post Saturday I will have pictures and more blog information to add. The second week I had 2 classes so far that were very energetic and lively in discussion. We went to the Aran Islands today and lucked out with terrific weather. We all rode bikes, and as much as it was an interesting and unique experience to seethe island of Inishmore on bikes, next time I think I would try the jaunty as my buttocks did not favor the bike seats that well. Cork is much nicer than Dublin, less busy. We walk a lot - good distance, classes and back and to the city centre and back everyday. There is a bus, but it is difficult to find one not already full. I have enjoyed the various options for taking pictures. Felt a bit guilty when the rest of classmates were writing through inspiration of Dun Aengus, the site high atop a mountain in Inishmore that is very similar to the Cliffs of Moher. I have a difficult time writing in such a way when there were tons of people around; although, I did have some quiet time on the ferry coming back and was fairly happy with what I became inspired to write.
Slept very sound and long into the morning for the first time since being here and it was nice. Looking forward to Kinsale again this evening. That's it for now. Will post more on Saturday.

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